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Byron Bay Organics - Certified Organic Farm & Food Wholesaler

Certified Organic Ginger and Turmeric Farm

Byron Bay Organics is an all Australian certified organic farm in the Byron Bay Area, the home of organics in Australia.

We specialise in growing and supplying the finest fresh certified organic ginger, turmeric and garlic and are happy to take enquiries for bulk supply. Please email or phone using our contact page.

Please enjoy quality home grown Aussie certified organic foods and thank you for supporting our farmers and the local certified organic food industry....

Byron Bay Organics for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable future. 



Quinoa - Superfood

Organic Quinoa has a mild and nutty flavour, and has been compared to the likes of couscous in terms of taste and its light and fluffy texture when cooked. Quinoa can be cooked the same as that of rice, but in half the time. There are also several other ways to prepare is one of the most versatile grains you will ever come across!



Yikes — it turns out there's a lot of hormone-disrupting junk running straight from your faucet and into your glass. Atrazine is a widely used pesticide, which means it often sinks into the ground and contaminates drinking water. That would be OK — if it didn't cause chemical castration! That's right: atrazine has caused feminization and chemical castration in frogs, an effect that applies in varying degrees to all vertebrates. So stick to certified organic pesticide-free produce, support organic farming and buy a good water filter!


Organic Food News - Our Blog: Know what you eat!

Read informative articles on organic food. Know what you eat.  See revealing comparisons between organic & non-organic foods. Tips for choosing important organic items when the budget is tight.  Great nutritional advice. Positive news from around the world on maintaining healthy toxin free diet. Revealing articles on how organic farming is helping build a sustainable agriculture industry and reducing environmental degradation.

Click here to view list of organic food news items.


SCRAMBLED EGGS - what does FREE range really mean?

There's no official Oz national standard for free range eggs, and the label on your carton can have any number of meanings depending on the producer. 

Without an official standard for free range products, consumers are at real risk of being misled by businesses wanting to cash in on the premium that a free range product attracts. The free range egg business is booming. It has 39% of the egg market in value, and free range eggs experienced the most growth in that category in the past year, according to Retail World Grocery Guide 2012.


Organic advice to mums about Baby Formulas

Chemicals, toxins, pesticides, synthetics substances & genetically modified foods abound in this day and age. Babies consume more food per unit of body weight than the national average which means they are at risk of absorbing more of these toxic substances than any of us. Combine that with the fact that their immune systems are only just developing, their organs are also continuing to develop as is their nervous system, digestive system & renal system. They’re BABIES after all...that means they’re NOT adults in miniature form. They are still growing and developing. 

Wouldn’t it therefore be a wise idea to ensure that they are protected as much as possible from the toxicity present is so many foods?

Modified food sources & petro-chemicals found in Formulas:

Did you know that a well known brand of infant formula uses genetically modified soy? And doesn’t disclose it on the label?

Did you know that an awful lot of non-organic brands of infant formula have derived the DHA and ARA fatty acids needed for infant formula from petro-chemical substance, Hexane?


Organic Apricots - the unsung hero

Apricots originated from China and were brought to the west by Alexander the Great. One of our most under-rated fruits, apricots have numerous health benefits and curative properties and are enjoyed world-wide. Let's take a look at the benefits of certified organic apricots - it's impressive:


Organic Wheat

Researchers at the Organic Center found powerful reasons to stick with organic wheat: Grown without pesticides, it may develop more robust chemical defenses against environmental stresses and predators—and many of the protective compounds act as antioxidants, says Erin Smith, senior science consultant with the Organic Center. Deeper root systems also allow the plants to draw more minerals from the soil, and organic farmers tend to plant older or native varieties, which are frequently more nutritious.


Health consequences as pesticides cause gut bacteria imbalance

THERE is growing evidence for the benefit of organic food, according to a previously sceptical doctor who says many agricultural pesticides are lethal to "good" bacteria in the bowel.

"Scientists have always said eating organic food is senseless and makes no difference, as ingested pesticides don't harm humans," says Dr Mark Donohoe, a Sydney GP with a special interest in environmental medicine.

"However, the pesticides kill certain species of gut bacteria, not us." This causes an imbalance that contributes to obesity and poor general health, says Dr Donohoe, speaking at an AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine Conference in Melbourne.

"This thinking is becoming mainstream, particularly among gastroenterologists. My wife and patients have told me for 20 years that they feel better on an organic diet, but I have said there is no reason why they should."


Which is healthier ? Butter vs Margarine - Ants have their vote.

Food for thought regarding the margarine vs butter debate. Which is healthier? If you leave margarine and butter out on the back porch, the ants will shun the margarine.