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Byron Bay Organics

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About Byron Bay Organics

Fresh organic ginger and turmeric straight from the farm gate.

Australian grown certified organic food for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable environment.

Byron Bay Organics is dedicated to promoting the organic life. We are based at our certified organic farm in the green hills behind Byron Bay, and have a Melbourne warehouse and packing plant where we pack and distribute Australian grown certified organic ginger, turmeric and garlic wholesale. We also sell highest quality dried organic foods from Australian organic farms or carefully selected certified international sources. We offer the best wholesale prices for organic foods in Australia. We are also Organic Certification Consultants and can assist with preparing your farm for certification.

Organically grown food is natural food, grown without artifical additives, pesticides and poisons or artificial fertilizers. Organic farmers build up the soil to be rich in nutrients and organic life. Australian soils have often been depleted by modern indiustrial farming processes. Organic farming is a sustainable envieonmentally friendly activity that ensures food purity. There are great health benefits in eating a nutricious balanced diet, and by eating certified organic foods you are promoting your own long term health, as well as supporting a sustainable future for our planet. We supply wholesale organic food at the best prices available. 

Byron Bay Organics is dedicated to promoting Australian grown organic food. Our mission is to help educate Australians in the health and environmental benefits of organic farming. Our most direct way of doing that is to make great Australian grown certified organic food available in the marketplace so that Australians have the choice and confidence to now what they eat is toxin free and has been grown in a way that is good for the environment, by people who care about the quality of the food they grow. We believe in protecting and building Australian food security, nurturing a healthy, sustainable environment and protecting our natural heritage. 






Organics & Nutrition

Once found only in health food stores, organic food is now a regular feature at most supermarkets. And that's created a bit of a dilemma in the produce aisle. On one hand, you have a conventionally grown apple. On the other, you have one that's organic. Both apples are firm, shiny and red. Both provide vitamins and fiber, and both are free of fat, sodium and cholesterol. Which should you choose?
Conventionally grown produce generally costs less, but is organic food safer or more nutritious? Get the facts before you shop.



Mulching means covering the ground with a layer of loose material such as compost, manure, straw, dry grass, leaves or crop residues. Green vegetation is not normally used as it can take a long time to decompose and can attractpests and fungal diseases.


"Woofing" on our Farm (Volunteer Workers : More Info

Volunteer to work on a certified organic farm and enjoy a great Australian life experience.

We have an ongoing programme for "woofers" or volunteer farm workers  on our certified organic ginger and turmeric farm. if you'd like to stay on our farm as a volunteer we offer a great accommodation experience, in the hills behind the famous surfing and backpacking destination of Byron Bay, near the quaint rural town of Bangalow, NSW.


Fresh Certified Organic Ginger

We grow beautiful fresh certified organic ginger here on the farm in Bangalow near Byron Bay - it is the best you'll find anywhere! Wholesale orders only. Call us now if you'd like to reserve some of this years harvest.


Fresh Certified Organic Turmeric

Our second main crop here on the farm at Byron Bay Organics is beuatiful fresh certified organic Turmeric. Call now if you'd like to reserve some of this years harvest!


Wholesale Certified Organic Foods

Apart from growing ginger, turmeric and garlic, we also wholesale a comlplete range of certified organic dried foods including, nuts, dried fruits, lentils, superfoods, grains, flours, sugars and beans.


We will help in the fight to save the Australia Koala

To clearly state our perspective as an Australian brand with a concern for our natural environment and the future sustainability of the planet, we plan to donate a portion of our profits to help save the Australian Koala from the threat of extinction.


Organic Certification Consultancy

Organic Certification

- is the process by which you receive a nationally recognised accreditation for reaching the standards set by the certification body. Like all bureaucratic procedures, to the newcomer it can seem like a maze of paperwork and planning. We can help you achieve this recognition. Just ask.