Tuesday, 06 August 2013 01:29

Organic Water?

Water ‘cannot be organic’

There is no support among Australian authorities for the notion that water can be organic, and a number of standards state that it cannot, including the mandatory standard covering exports. The word ‘organic’ in the context of food and drink refers to agricultural products which have been farmed according to certain practices. The ACCC said water is not an agricultural product, and cannot benefit from such practices so it is “not appropriate to use ‘organic’ to describe it”.

The ACCC’s Compliance and Enforcement Policy lists credence claims (claims that consumers cannot easily verify for themselves) as a new priority area. While in this case there was no indication that consumers paid higher prices for ‘organic’ water than regular bottled water, the ACCC said consumers are often prepared to pay more for products that make credence claims which match their values.