Monday, 26 August 2013 00:43

Organic Lettuce

Lettuce is one of the usual veggies served in your salad. It is rich in vitamin A, K and C, folate, manganese and chromium. The darker leaf type, romaine lettuce, is known to be more nutritious than any other lettuces. It helps in proper digestion, promotes healthy liver, and decreases the threat of heart diseases and stroke.

According to studies made between organic and non-organic lettuces, there is a prominent difference in the amount of chlorophyll present in organic lettuce. Many people had a basic understanding that pesticides, fertilizers and other chemicals used to plants or vegetables can destroy the nutrients and natural enzymes present in these plants. In this study, carbohydrates, sugars, enzymes, pigments and photosynthesis were tested.


Organic Farming
Organic farming is basically a type of farming without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Instead, it uses compost or manure and biological pest control. No genetic transformation is involved. What makes organic farming healthy to consumers is that people get to avoid eating food products exposed to pesticides, which are harmful to health. Though studies said that the enzymes between organic and non-organic are the same, it's best to invest on food that is exposed less to unsafe chemicals.

Avoid Harmful Chemicals
Australia has an organic certification program, in which people can be a hundred percent sure that the foods labeled as "organic" are really organic. No doubts about that. One of the best reasons why organic foods are recommended is to avoid destroying the environment due to harmful chemicals used on soil and plants. So when you consider in buying organic food products, dont think twice.